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Hire professional video production crew for your professional project

During the past decade, Media Inventive has led the way among video production companies, producing high quality & professional videos in United States and Internationaly in Eurpe. With online video and Internet-enabled TV emerging as an explosive marketing opportunity,Media Inventive clients are bypassing traditional media outlets to produce stunning video programming distributed directly to their customers. Incorporating world-class animation, editing, 3D and motion-graphics capabilities, Media Inventive's videos deliver the multi-sensory, immersive and entertaining experiences today's audiences demand.

What areas do we cover?

Corporate video production

Your business is invisible without a website & your website is not effective without video! 98% of your potential customers are watching videos online! Are they watching yours?

Television & Web broadcast

Bring your ideas! We can produce projects from inception to completion for broadcast, interactive media, webcast, podcast, in-house, training, entertainment & enjoyment.


what's the quickest way to make people understand what you do & get them interested enough to convert them to customers? Show them your story, don't just tell it to them. All it takes is ONE video!

Educational documentaries

Our mission is to provide the very best in educational media and documentary programming on critical global & social issues, science & health to colleges, schools, libraries, businesses, government agencies worldwide.


We offer full post production services, such as full HD professional editing, special effects, music mastering, text & graphics design, dubs and more, all in many variety of file formats.


This is where it all begins. Pre-production is the foundation for a successful media production project, setting the stage for the entire production. We begin by simply speaking with you. Leave the rest to us!

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